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10/26/2003 New piece exclusively available as free download!!!
09/01/2003 At the moment Frederik Magle is working on a new large-scale work for symphony orchestra. The work has been commissioned and will be given its first performance in 2004.
03/21/2003 "The Hope" (in memorial of the »Battle of Rheden«) is published on the net for free download!
10/04/2002 Royal Ceremony: The Christening of His Highness Prince Felix to Denmark
09/12/2002 The new Forum is ready! Please sign up as a member (it's free) and join a new internet community.
08/30/2002 I am working together with my good friend Pollux Chung on a complete redesign of this website. It should be ready within the next two weeks and will include, among other things, a new and advanced (but very user friendly) message board and an updated news and concert section
10/14/2001 Frederik Magle played in Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy
12/12/2000 Frederik Magle recieves the grant of H.R.H. Prince Joachim and H.R.H. Princess Alexandra
10/16/2000 New CD "Light on your path" out now!
03/09/2000 New photos - shot by Jan Persson
24/08/2000 Concert Calendar and List of works updated
06/08/2000 New CD "Light on your path" will be released Cctober 9
24/04/2000 CD pages updated.
16/02/2000 New mp3 music excerpt added on the CD pages
06/11/1999 Frederik Magle played at the baptism of His Highness Prince Nikolai