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Thread: TIИKICKER, see you at the playgound ?

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    Wink TIИKICKER, see you at the playgound ?

    "Summertime and livin' is easy!! "
    or should it be "it's raining again "
    anyway we are now turning the heat up a notch or two as TIИKICKER
    is proud to present 4 new tracks from the upcoming album:
    "The Playground at the Edge of the Abyss".
    These songs are not full versions, but lend TIИKICKER your ears and enjoy the voyage back in time to visit the Playground.
    keep up the prog'astic work
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    TinKicker! "Summertime and the living is easy".
    Yeah, one of the ultimate lines from "Summertime", a real blues song.
    Most people don't play that song sliding from Am9 to Bm9, very jazzy bluesy.
    And I see you're using it as a reference when your reference is wrong.
    The only reason this summer time is easy is because the cotton is ripening,
    picking time hasn't begun, so you can watch the fish jumping in the pond.

    And while I'm always ready to get into new music,
    saying "Tinkicker" has an old Ford Model T resonance to it,
    not the aluminum can visuals we're all used to today.
    AluminumBooties: Yeah, I can see Walmart's child section promoting this.

    Those big boards holding back the sandbox sand used to look like a big wall,
    but never the gates at The Edge of The Abyss.
    How about "The Playground at the edge of inner city housing developments?
    That sounds scarier.

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    Nothing like a like a bit of friendly banter!
    Am7 to B7, or Am9 to Bm9? A real very jazzy blues, or as Gershwin composing it in the style of African Folk music? As a wrong reference?
    Or just a headline to grab your attention to what really matters: The music!
    The music of TIИKICKER! Which you maybe won’t listen to because the band name “has an old Ford Model T resonance to it” Well, we’re definitely old school, you've got that right!
    But the name came from the concept of our debut album:
    «Soliloquy of the transparent Boy» 2008.
    As for " AluminumBooties" "and "inner city housing developments" Not quite sure to make of that, if anything! Your profile says: "Saying awefull things", spell check keeps reminding that, "awefull" is not a word so that could be the reason why!? If that's not the case, take it easy on the mushrooms mate! Cheers!!!!

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