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  • Hi John. Thanks so much for that info on Miles and Jimi. Hope you had a good ride, and that your "hybrid weather" continues.

    Best Regards,
    cleg welcome as long as it stays on the staff; i can't sight-read anyway:)
    a pleasure to read your posts around.
    There is a young man called Boris who goes under the title guitarzzz who has been posting quite a lot of music. Much of itbe his own compositions. I am impressed with him despite his unorthodox style. i would value your opinion of his music and playing, if you have time to listen to him.


    Hi John and thank you so much for accepting my offer of friendship. I've been very impressed with your various postings, most especially those pertaining to Jimi Hendrix. Although you and I are the same age, I only got into his music after he had died so tragically and at such a young age. What he might have contributed had he lived longer we can--unfortunately--only wonder and speculate about. I had heard or read somewhere that Miles Davis had wanted to collaborate with him on some recordings--how awesome would that have been! Anyway, I am honored to have you as a friend, and look forward to both seeing more of your posts and hearing from you directly. It's quite nice to have a talented and knowledgeable musician as one's friend; I'm a total illiterate when it comes to music. :banghead::shake: Anyway, Happy Holidays to you and yours and stay well. Peace, Steve.
    Hey you...voice from the past!

    It's Dawn...I used to know you years and years ago...I found you on here, doing a google other way to locate you it seems...

    Just really wanted to say hi...and to let you know that I was thinking of you!

    Have a great day!
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