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Thread: PIPE organ restorations

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    PIPE organ restorations

    do you know any good company that can do pipe organ restorations/repairs?

    and do any of you have info on Dale Schweitzer Co?

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    There are many pipe organ companies that perform organ restorations ... and there are a good number of qualified independent pipe organ technicians who can do this as well.

    I'm assuming, with you asking about the Dale Schweitzer company that you are located in Southern California?

    There ones that I am aware of that do work nationally are:
    • L.W. Blackinton & Associates Pipe Organ Company, El Cajon
    • Rosales, Los Angeles
    • Quimby, Warrensburg, MO
    • Pipe Organ Artisans of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (Grahame Davis)

    Grahame has been my contracted organ tech for the pipe organ at my church for a bunch of years. He is nationally well known and well respected for his work.

    Quimby is also well known ... they have several installations in my region.

    Rosales and Blackinton are also well respected in the greater Los Angeles and Southern California regions. Blackinton is the outfit that maintains the Spreckels Austin organ in San Diego.

    What kind of organ are you wanting to get restored? Is it installed in a church or home, or perhaps stored somewhere?
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