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  • Hi Lars
    Thanks for your answer.
    I saw the warning 4 times, twice on the pipe organ forum and twice on the electronic organ forum; but 5 or 10 minutes later there was no more warning.
    The trojan redirDL-inf seems to be well known on the Net. Some people say that it is a bug of Avast.
    Hi Lars

    My Antivirus AVAST warn me about a trojan when I open the pipe organ forum and the electronique organ forum.
    I have sent you a screenshot by mail for you can get more infos.
    I would appreciate assistance in trying find where I might purchase copies of "The Twenty Third Psalm" by Alfred Newman. I should have included TTBB version.
    Henry Boldt
    I would appreciate assistance in trying find where I might purchase copies of "The Twenty Third Psalm" by Alfred Newman
    Henry Boldt

    The pictures have dissapeared from the last two entries I made on REAL TRAINS. Any idea what might have happened?


    There seems to be a load of spam added to the blogs. Was not sure how else to report it

    Hi Hawk,

    Yes, TC is down ... has been all day for me, too. I'm unable to log in via the admins page, too ... most strange when that happens. It's not the server as both forums run on the same one through the same hosting company ... and the hosting company is okay as I was able to access my forum email account.

    I've written to Frederik on this matter ... I only know he is quite tied up working on a deadline for a huge music project. It is mysterious how it just went down ... but with that error message appearing, we know too that it's not a domain thing ... only thing I can figure is that the site got hacked OR Frederik is working on the software.

    Hi Lars,

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you here about TC~Is the site down? I've tried to log on several times through out the afternoon. Each time I get a message saying "Database Error"~
    Thanks for any help!!

    Hi Lars; I hope you and yours are well tonite. Two things I am wondering about the new layout of this forum: 1. Why are all the links posted by "admin" written in Latin? {at least that's what I think it is, not having studied it since high-school, about a thousand years ago}.
    2. Next to the numbers given for the "Top Posters" section, there are no corresponding names. I assume that this is just a temporary glitch attendant with the new software package which will be rectified soon?
    As always, thanks for your time and patience--Steve
    Hi Lars. How are you? I need your help in moving a new thread I started tonight--"Get a synonym"--from the Jazz to the Games Forum. Sorry to have caused any trouble or inconvenience in this matter. Thanks in advance for your time and help. WK
    Hi Lars and I hope you and yours are well. I have been having a problem when I want to switch the color ink in which I am posting to somebody; very often, even after I hit the "A" icon and then designate the new color to be used, the original black remains. Am I doing something wrong, or do other members--to your knowledge--ever have the same experience:confused: Thanks for your time and attention in this matter. :tiphat: Steve
    Hi Lars and thanx again for your quick and informative response to my recent query: in future I will be more patient and be sure to wait the full 30 seconds before "jumping around".:smirk:
    Hi Krummhorn. I hope you and yours are well. I have a question about the stars appearing inside a posted thread;I noticed a number of gold stars inside my thread "Most poignant Songs". Could you please explain if this is some kind of rating system :confused: And if it is, who assigns or decides the number of stars to be awarded? p.s. I guess my message posted to you on 11-30 re: my ability to access the "find all threads and posts" started by white knight was a bit premature in that I am again having trouble calling up both of these screens. I am still being re-directed to "user control" and told to wait 30 seconds, at which time I am able to access a forum and not the aforementioned sections which I want.:cry: If there is anything you can do to rectify this, I would greatly appreciate the help.:grin: Anyway,:wave:ciao for now and hope to hear from you soon. WK
    Lars, whatever you did on the control board worked; I can now access the "find all posts and threads started by" section with no problems at all. :clap: Thanks again for your timely response and action in this matter. :tiphat: All the best, Steve aka White Knight.:grin:
    Thanks for your quick and concise followup to my friendship query. I did not mean to cause any trouble for Andrew or the forum; I might have misunderstood what Mr. Roussak posted back to me re: my offer of friendship (namely going on Facebook instead of Magle). I apologize to both Mr. Roussak and to the administrators for any possible misunderstanding I might have caused between them. Peace--White Knight.:eek:
    Hi again Krummhorn. Sorry to bother you again but I have a question about the "statistics" part of the profile. When I go to mine for instance, and hit "find all threads started by white knight", I merely get redirected back to the forum site, even after waiting the posted requisite 30 seconds. The same holds true for the "find all posts started by white knight". I would conservatively estimate that out of the twenty or thirty times I've tried to access these features, that I have only attained success on two or three occasions in reaching either. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch in the program/system:confused: Thanks for your attention to this matter and ciao for now:wave: I remain, sincerely yours, White Knight. :cool:
    Hi again Krummhorn. Thanks so much for accepting my offer of friendship.:up: I feel quite honored indeed. Ciao for now :wave: but I look forward to hearing from you in future, hopefully on a regular basis. white knight. :)
    :) Hi Krummhorn and thanks for your timely and informative response to my "green dot" query. Here 's wishing you and yours safe and happy holidays:cheers: Anyway, goodbye :wave: for now. Peace, White Knight.
    Hi and how are you? I recently joined the jazz forum on the 11th of this month and have found the back and forth with other members to be very challenging and stimulating.:D I just noticed that on 11-23 I received a "reputation" worth 12 points after I had posted in response to the "favorite trumpeter" thread. However, I am unclear as to what the reputation and points mean.:confused: Are they good or bad things?:eek: If you could enlighten me on this matter I'd be greatly relieved.:eek: Anyway, thanks for your time and attention in this matter; I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Peace, White Knight.
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