At Christmas I'm handing down a Farfisa keyboard with MIDI in/out, - (I've not used it for 2 or 3 years) to a 7 year old,who has "played" with it a few times.

I've got a MIDI/USB cable with it, I'm contemplating adding a CD with a free Notation app and some MIDI files - a mixture of simple classical/traditional and "kiddies tunes". her mother has some musical background - cornet in a town band - so could probably give some assistance like reading music.

Any suggestions for which free notation app, I've used Finalé Notepad, (since upgraded to Songwriter), but I see there are some other free apps available. For a youngster of that age would including notation software and MIDI files be a bit over the top? Or maybe leave that until say next birthday by which time any aptitude may have shown itself

As she lives about 250 miles away I would not be able to offer much asistance.