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  • Hi Mike. Thanks for the Mel Powell music.
    I downloaded the Dropbox and it seems to be working okay, so far!:eek:
    Great swinging Mel Powell, excellent Ruby Braff and Paul Quinichette.
    thanks, stu.
    :wave: Hi MIke and how are you doing? I think from now on I'll post to to you and Teddy in this color, unless you inform me that another color would work better for you and the peepers.:smirk: Anyway, let me know and I hope to hear from you soon. :cheers: Steve.
    So Mike, do you want me to stay with the orange motif or is this shade easier for you? Please let me know as I always look forward to hearing from you.:D Ciao for now:wave: Steve.
    Hi Mike and how are you? I wanted to correct something which in my ignorance I included in my 11-27 response to your Wes Montgomery link. Namely, it was the American soul singer Otis Redding and not Montgomery who performed "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay".:eek: My other opinions regarding this as an effective jazz instrument still obtain however. Hope to hear from you soon. Ciao for now, Steve.:wave:
    Hi Mike and how are you? Thanks for the Wes Montgomery clip. Overall, I liked the piece,especially the playing of Tommy Flanagan on piano and Percy Heath on bass. Essentially, though, I have a hard time listening to a guitar in a jazz group whether it's played by a fine musician such as Wes Montgomery(whom I always associate with "Sitting on the Dock of a Bay") or Grant Green, who did some sides with Lee Morgan. Somehow, for me anyway, the sound just doesn't blend in with the bop or bebop style of jazz which I most enjoy; it somehow "weakens" the overall effect and impact of the rest of the group. And this applies for not only acoustic but electric guitar as well. Now, of course in a rock or folk rock milieu, it is a different story, at least for me.:grin: . Let me know if this color scheme is any easier on your eyes.:smirk: Ciao for now and look forward to hearing from you again.:wave: All the best, Steve aka White Knight.
    Hi Mike. Is this color scheme better for you?:D If not, let me know what would work better for you. Sorry to have caused you any difficulties.:eek::cry:
    :D Hi Mike and thanks for your update on Ruby Braff. I hope you and your family are well. After I had posted Teddy, I wikid :confused: Braff and found some info on him. I then proceeded to and listened to some excerpts from some of his work. I will say that some of it is very lyrical (I only heard samples, probably about 30 seconds or so of each piece) and soulful. I would really like for you and Teddy to listen to the playing of trumpeters Lee Morgan and Donald Byrd, especially on Morgan's "Search For The New Land" and Byrd's "Fuego" CDS. They not only played on these (and many others with the Jazz Messengers) but also composed much of the work as well. Are you familiar with them or these works? If you are, what do you think of them? Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for the Braff/Powell Amazon link you forwarded to me. All the best. White Knight.:cool:
    Mike, I have lost track of your cockney slang post. What was it under? teddy
    Mike, is that really you. I thought from your threads you would be more of a scrumpy buster. You look as thou you are wearing better than me.


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