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    Quote Originally Posted by John Watt View Post
    Oooh! Guitar Turnarounds... a phrase I haven't heard for a long time, thinking old big band jazz.
    But that's not what I'm hearing here, and that's okay, because I saw "Fusion guitar turnaround Ab/c Bb/C,
    and I never heard of fusion bands playing turnarounds. I'm seeing you being creative, messing with chords.
    Fusion guitars are usually amped up with electronic effects, definitely not an old big band thing.

    What I'm seeing here reminds me of something you're not doing, but it's close.
    And that's what the Doobie Brothers made famous as being on the cutting edge of rock guitar, in 1970.
    That's when "Listen to the Music", their first big it, and "Long Train Running", their second hit, came out.
    You've got your barre chord finger across the neck holding all six strings,
    and that was big back then, using all six strings, and they had three guitarists, and two drummers.
    They were a biker gang out in the country dealing their own drugs, so they could afford it.

    With all six strings down, use two fingers to play an open chord Am7 formation,
    strumming and lifting them on and off as a rhythm.
    I can still hear the intro to Listen to the Music, playing that in a bar band in 1970.
    "Whoa oh oh... listen to the music, oh oh oh, listen to the music..." yeah, you might have heard it.
    And that long train stopped in China Grove, if that rings a bell.

    I might not be able to sign off with anything like best regards because I have a serious criticism.
    Online, through computer speakers, your guitar is too clean sounding,
    and I say that because it's not a deep tone, either treble or da bass,
    when it sounds like you're using a bad echo as a reverb,
    or a bad reverb as an echo. It's too much, and sound is where it starts.
    You've got such a nice guitar.
    Tell you what.
    Why don't you mail me one of the humbuckers from your guitar,
    and I'll install it on one of my guitars and show you what it can do.
    They way things are going for me now in my life,
    I'm going to be able to set myself up to make a video of me playing along with you,
    so you're going to see what my fingers can do with my 1972 DiMarzio P.A.F. Humbucker.

    If I'm typing to you for the first time in a long time,
    I have to compliment you again for the beautiful videos you put out.
    I'm still watching them, as you can see here.

    About the Doobie Brothers, and doobie is an old slang term for a marijuana cigarette.
    After their first huge pop success, they hired Jeff "Skunk" Baxter away from Steely Dan.
    He was their jazz and fusion presence.
    After another round of huge success, they hired Michael McDonald and went a little Motown,
    with another huge album, with "Minute By Minute" as the lead hit.
    Even though I never sang that in a band, I learned it. It was hard to sing and play at the same time,
    playing the piano parts on guitar.
    I used to practice singing while I played funk bass lines on bass, and that helped.

    Here's a photo of the right-handed Strat copy I converted to a lefty, with the P.A.F humbucker.

    Did you know that beavers will push a pile of sugar maple leaves into a corner of their den,
    and after a long winter when they start to ferment they eat them.
    That's more of a Canadian tradition than the green maple leaf they use.

    Via con dios, mon ami. Ciao for now.

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    Many Thanks my friend

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