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Thread: Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Patrícia and Afonso) vocals/piano cover

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    awwww! I'm so glad you think that.Thank you so much!

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    Thank you Ella

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    oh thank you very much, I'm glad you got the feeling

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    awwww! I'm not so glad anyone can think like that.
    If you want to talk about getting the feeling of what you recorded,
    I can say you are just not only ignoring me, but ignoring what "Crazy" is all about.
    Is that the feeling you are talking about? I know it's not, because you look like a healthy couple.
    You have to accept reality.
    If you went to play this song in an American club where that society is present,
    you either wouldn't survive the night or you'd run out, leaving your equipment behind,
    and that's how the club would like it.

    I sing "Crazy", but I use it as an anti-drug message, adding personal verses.
    It's always a moving musical moment when I'm singing over the C major instead of the minor,
    but it would be a far better world around me if I didn't feel compelled to play this song.
    I'm not a meth or fentanyl head, and you shouldn't want to be one.
    That really is crazy, just as the song says before the irresistible becomes the addictive.

    A nice keyboard song you might want to try is "Waiting For a Girl Like You" by Foreigner, in Am.
    If you both looked into each others eyes to create a scene it would come over better as a video.
    Looking someone or the camera in the eye is the basic thing for any entertainer to do,
    humanizing the experience as much as possible, if you're hoping to convery some real feeling,
    instead of just trying to ingratiate yourself with someone else who is looking to ingratiate themselves with you.
    I much prefer gratuity, where I'm paying a cover charge or giving a tip to hear a song.
    That's real respect.
    And if all you did was ask me a question about the chords to this song and your piano playing,
    when it is a guitar, bass and drum driven song, you would have been very happy with the result.
    However, in our modern digital times, people are just recording themselves as vanity projects,
    when there isn't any real intention to be a dance band or play for live audiences,
    unless you get so famous on YouTube the world is waiting for you to show up.
    But you're not using lights, backdrops or costumes, so I'm not seeing you as looking to do that.

    And as far as the different "Crazy" videos I put up and all of my comments, only being real,
    didn't you get any feeling from that? nawwwwww! Unless you are too apprehensive to deal with it.

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