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Thread: Pop Rock bands

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    Quote Originally Posted by ModernJazz89 View Post
    The Beatles are classed as Pop/Rock and their early songs "A Hard Days Night" and "Any Time At All" are classed as Power Pop. It was because they were melody driven music instead of blues influenced music. Many groups were merging Pop/Rock also The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and some of the Doors stuff is Pop/Rock. The Doors "Touch Me" is certainly Pop/Rock.
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    AMARAL is a Rock/ Pop band from Spain. The guitar riffs are pure rock, the soft female voice pop. But listen...

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    GFF - POP PunkROCK ... i think sometimes you get lost in details. The main thing is that it rocks! BTW, listen to GFF and you'll know what I mean.

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    If you are not careful you can end up hair splitting. We have had this discussion about blues/jazz. Where does one end and the next begin

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    Well the most pop, from the rock is Lordies - come on, they win the international pop festival)) that's a lot like a proud-scary combo
    And a side from the jokes - I think those guys are pretty good for listening:

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