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  • Oh no no not at all! I was happy you accepted! I just wasn't sure how to continue the conversation heh. See I'm a bit socially awkward at times. My entire department is pretty much isolated from the rest of the school. The only other school staff I usually see are art teachers and my assistant band director for the most part.
    Teddy, I haven't looked at Skype yet but I will read Rob's message to me regarding it asap; I've just been so preoccupied with my wife being discharged from the hospital and trying to make sure all is squared away at home for her. Anyway, with my ugly and bald-headed mug, you guys better think twice about wanting me to join! Isn't there a camera thing involved in this as well?
    Just give me a couple of days to look it over and all--but remember, I warned you. :whistle:
    Hello Teddy,

    Thanks for replying to me post. But could you tell me how I can send the song to your profile.

    Hi teddy. Re: Netflix, I'm glad you were able to hook up with them. As far as the prices here relative to the UK, it depends on which plan is selected: in other words how many dvds one wishes to take out at one time. For me, I chose the cheapest available. I think it's something like 6 bucks and change {taxes, you know} a month to take out one dvd at a clip.
    Hey Teddy,

    No I haven't heard of him, I'll check it out though, thanks for the suggestion! Feel free to let me know of any of your other favourites.

    Teddy, recently I really haven't been following the prog rock section that closely; the couple of times I did listen to some of his links, I wasn't all that impressed. I suppose though that I can always give it another shot. I take it that you like some of the groups posted there?
    Anyway, I fervently hope that you, Marval and Mike have not been adversely affected in any way by the lunacy currently going on in the UK by these "protestors".
    Please stay safe and let me hear from you soon.
    Peace Out,
    Hi Teddy. Glad to hear you are well. Congrats on your daughter; I hope she and her husband have a wonderful marriage and a good life together. I'll be going to Florida next week to do a little scouting for the future, and I won't have my ear done until the middle of September. Thanx for remembering. I'll try to find that ducks link again on you tube and re-post it.
    Hi teddy,

    User "Gord" has 251 posts ... User "Hardbob" has 235 posts. Each single user must individually get to 500 posts for any recognition. Even though these may be the same person, their post count is not combined - In the forum database tables they are two different members, each with their own post count accumulation.

    Teddy, regarding my "mastery"of youtube links, I thought I had but I realized--after trying some more on my own--that I still need the help of my son. Upon his return to New York later in the week, I shall address this, as well as restoring the audio capabilities of my computer. Right now, last.fm is the only site from which I can listen to anything.
    Hello Gabrielle. Thanks for replying. I live in kent in England. The duckmeister thing started after a run of jokes concerning ducks, in which I claimed to be a duckmaster. It was awarded by the regulators and I consider the title to be an honour. A lot of us are a bit mad here. I play a bit of guitar, mainly classical and mainly badly, but I enjoy it. Thank you for the link, I will certainly explore it. I really loved the link you posted on the forum and would like to learn more of the guitarist featured. I tried Google but drew a blank.
    I am half Italian and have spent a little time there when i was younger, mainly around Ferrara. My best regards tou you
    teddy (Edward Trapella)
    Hello teddy,

    Thanks for the friend request..Where are you? (I'd think Deutschland von der Duckmeister..!)
    what do you do in music??

    If you have a second, may I invite you to visit www. carrozze. it which is my partner's site of Italian Jazz, Blues trad and Indie here in Tuscany. www.carrozze.it/tv,html has a wonderful concerto with Guinga that is a profound delight.

    Best to you in your musical venturing,
    Gabrielle e Vincenzo
    Yes, Teddy, I have looked at both of the games cited in your message. I find that both are somewhat beyond my puny imagination, especially the " magic vending machine" thingie. :banghead:
    Teddy, I got your message; if anyone were to talk about you, they would only have good things to say. I'm sure. :rolleyes: Also, Teddy, how are the bright orange and aqua ink tints for you to read if I were to use them ?
    White or yellow is certainly the best thank you. I get paranoid if I can't read the threads. Are they talking about me? :eek::crazy::mad:

    teddy :D
    Teddy, sorry about that; I wasn't thinking when I posted in that color. I'll keep to this color or the light orange or aqua if that is better. For some reason, when I tried to post in yellow on that occasion, it wasn't "taking". Steve
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