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Thread: Texas education programs

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    Texas education programs

    The Texas Education Parents as Teachers (PAT) program has been recognized nationally for its success. From the beginning of this Texas Education program, PAT has undertaken evaluation studies of its program to ensure the highest quality and success. The outcomes of the evaluation studies include:

    • PAT Texas Education children at age three were significantly more advanced than comparison children in language, problem-solving, and social development. Also, parents were more knowledgeable about child-rearing practices and child development.
    • A follow-up study of the lasting effects on the children and their parents showed that PAT children scored significantly higher on standardized measures of reading and math at the end of the first grade than did comparison children. PAT children also received higher ratings from their teachers in all behavioral areas than did comparison children.
    • The results of another study indicated that the PAT children performed significantly above the national norms on measures of intellectual abilities. Furthermore, more than one-half of the children with observed developmental delays overcame them by age three.
    • Because PAT children had significantly higher cognitive skills, language skills, social skills, and motor skills, school districts spent less money on remedial and special education.
    • A study of the Texas Education PAT Program indicated that program participants demonstrated reduced aggression in public school settings than did comparison children. The study results suggest that this outcome was due to the parenting component that teaches non-aggressive parenting styles.
    These results were especially true for children living in single-parent homes.

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    Hooray for educators in Texas. Seems we need more of this in our country - very interesting article ... thanks for posting, and hope you enjoy your time with us here.

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