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Thread: Looking for Duruflé sheet music

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    Still available?

    Hi there,
    I'm looking for the Introit de L'Epiphanie Prelude?
    And then I saw this thread and thought I'd give it a shot since I have not found it anywhere.
    Does anyone have it?
    That would be awesome!


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    I can put the decades long nonsense surrounding Durufle's Chant Donne to an end. Many pirate copies have circulated in and beyond Europe, not made by Durufle, and exhibiting errors. There is now an official published copy published by Banks of York, England. It goes back to the original Soixante Lecons d'harmonie of Durand of Paris, published in 1953, containing contributions to Jean gallon, Durufle's harmony teacher, by several composers, including Messiaen, Dutilleux, Tortelier and the wonderful organist Jaenne Demessieux,
    My edition is definitive, and comes with detailed editorial notes.

    Enjoy playing mine. It's the real thing, beyond all doubt.

    Antony Baldwin

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    Hello fellow organists,
    I, like Anna above , am looking for the Opus 13 Durufle Introit del"Epiphane prelude, but can find it nowhere. I wonder if those of you who have received copies via this thread might be good enough to provide one to me. My email is and I would be very grateful indeed to hear from anyone who can help. Many thanks in advance.

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    Dear Anthony,
    Is your edition printed on two or three staves?
    Kind regards

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    Durufle sheet music op. 5.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Newman View Post
    I have Op. 5 and Op. 7 of Durufle ('Organ Suite' and his 'Prelude and Fugue'). But, sadly, not those two pieces.

    Is it possible to send me organ suite op. 5 scanned?
    Thank you so much!

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