View Full Version : Down load prices?

Jan-06-2013, 08:59
I just had a look at the d/l shop for the 16 and a CD that took my eye was Great English Choral Works
But @ 10 Pounds for the FLAC d/l they must be joking. Colin is disappointed and annoyed :mad:

Jan-06-2013, 14:32
I download quite a few, admittedly MP3s, not FLAC, my ears are not as sensitive as they were, (mainly loss of higher frequencies) so I'm satisfied with MP3s; I use mainly Amazon or Baroque Music Library, Amazon prices vary considerably, but I don't recall getting any where near a tenner. maybe £7 or £8 max, more often around £5 -£6
BML are $5.99 for all single or double CDs, only a small list - about 130 titles- but as the name suggests all Baroque, but some real gems, Bach organ works played on various Silberman organs, Baroque English composers Purcell, Boyce Croft, & Stanley, plus loads of continentals. However there are some Harpsichord recordings, so for you not 130 titles ;)

Jan-06-2013, 22:03
I stick to FLAC as all my listening is via HiFi set up, it is about time the music industry changed their mind set I have no problems paying say NZ$4-5 per CD which is about what I would pay in the big stores but above that is ridiculous I will admit that up to now 99% of my d/l have been $0.00