View Full Version : Two Acoustic Guitars Plus Tight Interplay Equals Terra Guitarra

May-15-2013, 14:56
Terra Guitarra
Earthsign Records

Terra Guitarra is one of the best, most-popular and hottest of the new breed of nuevo-flamenco guitar groups. They are a male-female duo, but what makes their sound so enticing is the tight interplay between the two acoustic guitarists (one on Latin-style nylon-string and the other on steel-string). They have a great new CD out called DRAGONFLY.

Terra Guitarra also has two other key elements necessary for great nuevo-flamenco guitar music: strong melodies and exciting solos. One reason this music goes over so well with listeners is because the group tries the music out on audiences during live performances so the music is tested and refined to please (they average 200 shows each year).

This album is recommended for all aficionados of nuevo-flamenco music. More information is available at terraguitarra(dot)com.

May-15-2013, 22:19
Any chance of a clip?