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Frederik Magle
Aug-27-2007, 11:52
I've just updated the vBulletin forum software along with the wiki software to the latest versions. Hopefully this will fix the "log out" bug which many people have experienced, as well as some minor other bugs.

As always, please let me know if you experience any abnormalities.

Kind regards,

Frederik Magle
Aug-28-2007, 17:59
Unfortunately there has been a few hours of downtime today as I continued updating software. This time I have updated the software on the server to the latest versions of Mac OS X, apache webserver, PHP, and MySQL. This is almost all the core software of a webserver.

What happened was that during the update of PHP most unfortunately some essential settings were changed (without my knowledge) and had to be manually changed back. For a moment I almost panicked, but I figured it out and made the necessary edits to the "php.ini" file. And lo and behold... the site is back! :) Pheeeeww...

The good thing is that all the most important software is now completely up to date and seems to be running fine (knock under wood ;)). Btw, regarding the problem with users getting logged out even if they have selected "remember me", it seems to have been fixed but you may have to delete all the cookies for this site first (I had to).

best regards,

Frederik Magle
Aug-29-2007, 00:25
I've just spent a couple of hours doing some fine-tuning and optimizations of the MySQL database which this forum relies on. So far it seems to work quite well and the speed of the forum seems to have increased, but please let me know your experience with the speed and also if you feel it has changed (for better or worse), thanks.

Aug-29-2007, 01:09
Hej Frederik ...

The inner workings of MIMF seem to be lots peppier as I bounce around within its hallowed walls today. My compliments :tiphat: to you for your dedication in keeping this forum up to date with the latests revs and tweaking the bits and bytes. :cheers:

Just noticed the other neat "addition" of the folder tabs (refresh and return) next to the forum names. Nice added feature ... or if they have been there along, then I get the big DOH award ... :banghead: :rolleyes:

Frederik Magle
Sep-02-2007, 17:14
Hej Lars,

You are right, the "breadcrumb" navigation bar is indeed a new feature, and a very useful one.

I just have to boast a little ;) During the optimization of MySQL I mentioned in my last post, I discovered something that wasn't working optimally. I reported this issue to Tenon - the company that makes the web administration and software "suite" used on this server - and due to this report they will be issuing an update to their software within weeks for the benefit of thousands upon thousands of websites using this software all over the world. You could say that MIMF in a way is not only in the forefront, but in this case, driving the development of the web! :D (Ok, I know that was major hyperbole but I couldn't resist :))

Sep-03-2007, 00:45
:trp: Congratulations Frederik :trp: Hey, you can gloat and boast all you want too ... as far as I am concerned, MIMF and TC ARE at the forefront of any and all music forums on the internet. Both are making great strides on the internet, and gaining popularity with every passing week. So, boast away, Admiral Magle - you deserve it, you've earned it - you should be proud, and we are proud of you :clap: :clap: :grin:.

Frederik Magle
Jan-20-2008, 18:29
I will be updating some of the software used on this site over the coming days which may result in some downtime, though - if everything goes well - the downtime should be minimal. Hopefully :)

So far I have updated two pieces of the forum software; the "vBSEO" search engine optimization system, and the "vBGallery" photo gallery software.

The vBSEO software update should not be noticeable for end-users as it only changes the "inner" workings of the forum. The gallery software update, however, includes a couple of new features and improved speed. Nothing major though and everything should continue to work as usual. Anyhow, if you haven't yet discovered or browsed the gallery (http://www.magle.dk/music-forums/gallery/index.php), I can hereby highly recommend it :)

Finally I'm happy to report that both software updates were very smooth causing minimal downtime. Hope the next updates will go as easily.

Kind regards,

Jan-21-2008, 05:25
Real cool how this latest update indicates Images for the poster ... and clicking on that number whisks one straight to the galleries ... another neat feature.

Thanks, Frederik, for keeping us up to date with all these great enhancements :tiphat:

Jan-21-2008, 09:27
Yes, I just noticed that too. Pretty cool :).

Frederik Magle
Jan-21-2008, 09:31
Yep, that's a nice little feature, and I think it will make the galleries more visible now that your pictures are linked directly from every post.