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Jul-04-2008, 14:28
Hi guys,

Not my release but I think it's great and is well worth investing in if you're into electronica. I found this guy, Zebidee, on Myspace and ended up picking up his album, which is a great listen. The album itself is an electronica concept album and tells the story of an unnamed explorer's journey to an extra-solar planet named Zebidee.

The booklet that comes with the album has very detailed descriptions of the tracks and events that the author feels they represent. You can read these and hear some of the tracks from the album here http://www.zebidee.net/info.html (http://www.zebidee.net/info.html) - the music is very interesting and if you're interested in science-fiction, gaming or space and the universe in general then this album will probably appeal to you. It's genuinely an interesting concept and a look at his myspace page, www.myspace.com/planetzebidee (http://www.myspace.com/planetzebidee) shows that both as a musician and a science fiction/space enthusiast he has an understanding of the best in the business.

I really rate the music and I think the concept is fascinating, I remember in A-level physics lessons, the thing that sold me on the incredible nature of the universe was my physics tutor telling me about an astronomer who saw craters on the moon, looked at them through a telescope and saw further craters within them. I found the concept incredible and have been hooked on all things space since!

Have a look at the website(s) and have a listen to the tracks, if you have a spare few quid I'd 100% recommend picking up the album, it's a great listen in all environments, it works from ambient background music at dinner parties to full on party music, it's all down to volume and lighting. I sent Zebidee a message on Myspace telling him I though the music was fascinating and how I saw the tracks representing different things from his imagery and he got straight back to me outlining that his concept is open to interpretation and that he had written it how he saw it rather than the other way round.

Glad to be a part of the forum and look forward to chatting with everyone soon.

Jul-04-2008, 16:19
I welcome you. I like it. I know that the Earth has her own voice. Here
is a video for you.YouTube - How Earth Sounds from Space (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AVHXMLDvWA)
judy tooley

Corno Dolce
Jul-04-2008, 17:42
Welcome aboard ElectrOn to the Starship MIMF where everyone is a star. Please do make tourself fell right at home and stay for a spell.


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