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  • Hi,

    I wish I knew some tricks ;-D And I'm not even a one-trick pony :-D

    The forum's manager (Krummhorn) is the gentleman who solves all technical issues. Send him a PM - He is affable, friendly, and a real Mensch - He will gladly remove any technical barriers to your full participation.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Hi Corno. Since joining this forum, I have tried repeatedly to upload an actual photo for my profile, but everything I try doesn't work. Adding to the album works, just not the profile photo. Any tricks I should know about?
    Hi Corno. Thanx for your suggestion about contacting Lars; I know he is a great guy and always willing to help. I just hate bothering him or anyone else with waht is obviously a shortcoming on my part. I think I'll try and practice to hone my "linking skills". Then, if I'm still messing up, I'll reach out to him. I do hope you enjoyed that Tyner link with Orrin Keepnews[?]. Anyway, talk to you soon. All the best--Steve.
    Corno, hi. As soon as I saw this video I instantly thought of you, and that you might enjoy it: _YD4 . I only hope I posted this right, as I am still very awkward in sharing links.:rolleyes: I hope you and your family are well tonite; look forward to hearing from you soon. Peace --Steve
    p.s. just as I feared the link is not going thru; anyway it is ''A Man Named Mccoy Tyner--Horizon'' on you - tube. Sorry about that, I simply must get more proficient in my posting skills! :bawl:
    Corno, thank you so much for accepting my offer of friendship. Any person who so obviously values Mccoy Tyner as much as you do I feel honored to call a friend, no matter how different our political outlooks might be. Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you around the boards. Peace--Steve
    Hi George,

    soo glad to hear from ya at last!! Just did not want to lose a contact , you see. I am okay, thanks, but I had to restrict my PC-time the last month due to severe low back troubles ( could hardly sit ).

    On the same reason, and just because of lack of time, I had to stop all my activities here on MIMF, concentrating on the issues I simply had to do daily online...

    But, now it feels better.

    Btw, I have found an interesting forum run by a Russian Orthodox deacon.
    Are you interested? I just don't know how good your Russian is.

    Anyway, great you are here again! С Благовещением! :)

    All the best to you and yours,

    Aloha JLS,

    Its not so much an issue as it is a ruffling of feathers, his. So I just let it go and let bygones be bygones - Simple, eh? :):D:grin:


    CD :tiphat::tiphat::tiphat:
    Actually, I haven't been around much lately. Just came back to the site last night. I liked what he said in the evolution thread, but haven't read anything else by him. I take it there was an issue between you two...
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