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Aug-02-2008, 20:59
Anyone on here familiar with this artist? I've only known about him for a few months, but he absolutely blew me away when i heard him on the radio. I almost started to cry from how awesome it was, and to think that i have never heard of him before! Just one of the many geniuses in modern jazz who never really get their due, i believe. He's over 80 years old now, and still out there playing!


Aug-17-2008, 19:53
Hey Mats,

I've never seen/heard him before.

Stunning! Breathtaking! I definately want more:grin::grin::grin:.

Thanks for sharing


Aug-17-2008, 20:07
Thank you Mats for sharing that.

I hadn't heard of him, but he is definately worth looking up.


Sep-11-2008, 14:30
hey. hi there, i'm French and my patriotic hidden self makes me scream! kidding. i know Martial Solal is not as known as big american jazz artists and so but he's quite a reference in the pianist circles. Actually i saw him perform once in paris ( to be precise Vincennes, at the Parc Floral )., and he killed me with boredom! but lately i bought a re-edition of a 70's album, when he tried a little jazzfunk, and he did well! but that is only a small part of his career, which i don't know much. too bad i can't listen to your video,matsoljare, i don't have sound in my working place.

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Dec-16-2008, 19:55
I had one of his Vynils back in the 1970s, now listen to some of his tracks on Last.FM

Mar-17-2010, 22:30
Sorry - he is far too advanced for me. He makes Monk sound basic.
Personally I'll stick with Teddy Wilson, Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck