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Corno Dolce
Aug-13-2008, 22:05
Haydn's Symphony #48 has some of the most treacherous horn parts known. When a hornplayer splits or cracks a note; it is known as a *clam*. And since many of the best hornplayers have *clammed* notes in the Haydn #48, it is therefore known as Haydn's *clambake*.

Aug-14-2008, 06:20
It's not the most challenging horn part written by him, however, if you check the delightful symphony in Bflat major #51's second movment you'll notice 1st horn is required to play up to written E three legers lines above the treble clef and the 2nd horn to plumet down to the same number of leger lines below the bass clef. Haydn obviously had extremely competent hornplayers or was in a filthy mood when he composed this one.

Corno Dolce
Aug-14-2008, 09:23
Hi CT64,

You're spot on about #51 - Haydn did sometimes have the hornplayers do some outrageous work.