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Corno Dolce
Dec-21-2008, 01:07
Aloha you hep JazzCats,

McCoy Tyner will be in Wroclaw, Poland performing at the Impart Arts Center on 06 March 09.


CD :):):)

Dec-21-2008, 01:33
Hello CD:tiphat:,

Wow, are you serious? Tyner in Poland? In my city? That's fantastic. First Makowicz, Wr√≥blewski, Corea and Hancock (unfortunately I couldn't go to Poznań to listen to him) and now McCoy himself. I have an impression that jazz is getting more and more popular in Poland. Hope to get more top-shelf jazz musicians in my country.

Are you going to be there, too?

I did some (cursory) searching on that event but didn't find any useful info on tickets' price or anything. Could you tell me (us) which site did you get that information from?

Corno Dolce
Dec-21-2008, 13:20
Aloha Mat,

I am quite serious. Look here in the following link: http://mccoytyner.com/schedule.html


CD :tiphat::tiphat::tiphat:

Ps: I might be in Wroclaw at that date - It depends if I can weasel myself out of a weeks worth of contracted music work.

Pps: You can also make an inquiry here: adam@bluenote.net

Dec-21-2008, 19:13
Yep, looks nice. I should probably book a ticket right now.

Thank you for the information, CD. And who knows - maybe I'll see you in March.


Corno Dolce
Dec-22-2008, 11:40
Aloha Mat,

I am surprised that McCoy Tyner is still doing so much despite his cardiac condition. His piano work has now a pronounced collaborative element. Methinks the days of McCoy's *Thunderous Trio Pianism* are now safely ensconced as a part of Jazz history. Of course, he can probably pull out of the bag another surprise...That would be so cool.

Earlier, McCoy was saying: *I love you so much my brother but now I'm gonna whoop your ass*. There was a point where he was quite morbidly obese - now he looks like he weighs in at 159 pounds - about half as much before.

His in-your-face pianism was very blunt but honest and it was the driving force. Of course, there were moments of tenderness as in *Naima* but then he reverted to what he excelled in as in *Monk's Dream*: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwMPZ7BU73Q&feature=related&fmt=18


CD :):):)

Dec-22-2008, 12:01
Hi Corno,

I'm not really acquainted neither with his music nor with his autobiography. Am I missing a lot? It remains to be seen.

It is good though that he lost weight. 159 pounds (~72 kilograms after converting) seems quite okay.

I am sure he can still pull out of the bag another surprise, as you observed.

Thanks for the video, I liked it.


Feb-12-2009, 13:47
For those of you who might be interested, here's (http://www.jnofestival.pl/) a link to the jazz festival within which McCoy Tyner is going to perform.


Corno Dolce
Feb-13-2009, 10:50
A McCoy Tyner Flashback:


Sep-24-2009, 10:24
I heard some great Polish Jazz a few years ago by the 'Daily Jazz Combo'. I got a couple of albums of theirs - pretty good!

Feb-25-2010, 23:53
Hi Vintage,
I,m planning to attempt to get hold of Jazz from all over Europe as well as the many British CDs I have.
Could you throw up some names (that hopefully can be heard on Spotify)