1) Videos of songs with scores 2) Paypal button technique 3) Column of fun stuff with videos, pix, links


In LinkedIn a wonderful person Glory Saint Germain began sending me promos for her Ultimate Music Theory teaching system. She was so gung-ho it infected me and I began trying to put my score pdfs in Amazon to no avail, so went back to an older project, having Paypal buttons sell my scores! I gave up 10 years ago because I tried to make a shopping cart - way to difficult - so I ended up with a membership option and scores 99¢ each - trying to emulate iTunes 99¢ a song.

I put the important stuff on the left, phones will see it, and on the right, content and links to keep people entertained like me playing "Freeboards," guitar and singing, also old YouTube videos etc.. I think it's a clever way to keep the business on the left and fun stuff on the right! I can point someone to how to get Paypal buttons on your own site if someone wants.

I also make Q&D (Quick&Dirty) videos simply creating a folder of images of scores then QuickTime7 lets me import a folder into a video! Whala! I'm hoping you'll enjoy me sharing these techniques, maybe try them yourself? Or if you have any suggestions or comments feel free to share.

Thanks for this opportunity to share! As the graphic shows, I come from World Music Rhodes-Clavinet-Moog to now more Academic scoring and arranging. Enjoy!


She keeps sending me these great ads to teach Ultimate Music Theory
She is completely to thank (or blame) for my current energy to promote my own "Ultimate Music Theory" technique, my own arrangements.

Here is the YouTube video that taught me how to make the Paypal buttons, amazingly, I had some unfinished ones from 2012, so it ONLY TOOK ME 10 YEARS! Anyway this video made it so easy:

After Glory kept sending me her very nice ads, I spent a few weeks telling Amazon, SELL MY PDFS! They wouldn't, so I made the ad and made "Kindle Ebooks" which probably don't work correctly - one says its 7 pages when I know its only 3!

So I combined being able to make my Paypal buttons, my ad, the Quick&Dirty QuickTime7 created videos together and said well? Find an easy to remember site name, strangely NetworkSolutions said Scores4u.com was a premium domain, $7,000! Scores2u was fine, so I added it to my Yola sites - they are really great, helpful and not too expensive! So just about a month (Feb 18?) ago I created my new site! I added a free Javascript counter, which I shouldn't but I watch each day, strangely Google Analytics only shows 26 users while the counter is over 164 visits!

The analytics is fun to see what countries have visited though I'm not sure I trust it..
Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 9.57.17 AM.png
If this thread is called "SPAM" it simply proves the world hates people striving like the dickens, working tirelessly and sharing techniques for others, friends, to help them fulfill their own goals, dreams and desires. I am ever so grateful to Fred Magle and his amazing forums where I've learned so much, made so many great friends, and been able to share my own dreams and goals for so many years! THANKS GOOGOLS!