A provocative thought - Warning: Not for the squeamish...


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Islam was changed in the 1950's and what they believe in now is the same as a few centuries ago...so I wouldn't call that "All I ever wanted to know about Islam...."


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"All I ever wanted to know about Germany, I learned in 1940's" ?


Islam is many things in many places, after all it embraces about a billion people.


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A friend in Sweden sent me this

Giovanni, is the opinion of this friend of yours also yours? Since you're not commenting on it, it seems that way, and frankly does little to encourage much discussion on the subject.

Feelings and points of view on this topic are many, and at times very potent in their form, and with "discussion-starters" holding no more information than a picture of the 9/11 attack with a caption like then one you descibe I see little to no chance of success in getting much discussed on this subject.

There's been an number of interviews with a number of (moderate) muslims from many parts of the world these past weeks (with all the fuss over the satirical drawings of the Prophet Muhammed), which makes the sentiment that Islam being no more than the result of the 9/11 attacks, seem very narrowminded.

So, please, if you want to start a discussion on a topic as "hot" as this is, do it with a little more finesse.


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Dear Corno,

Thanx for your concern about my posting. I shall gladly start a discussion with a little more finesse - btw, what make is your Horn? Besides my Schmid Wagner Tuba in F, I also have a Triple Horn in F/Bb/F-alto. The Schmid Triple was the best investment ever.



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btw, what make is your Horn?
The make of my french horns are available here.
This is not to defer discussion on this topic, but to move a possible discussion away from this thread, where it doesn't belong.