Allow me to tell you about one of my favorite bands, Death.


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Death to me was the true founder of, and the reason why it's called "Death Metal". Unfortunately (IMO), many bands have since butchered Death Metal, and it has become entirely something else.

Death was a very "technical" metal band because of it's excellently executed guitar riffs and methodical sound.

Chuck Schuldiner, the founder (formerly of the band, Mantas), and amazing guitar player passed away in 2002 from a brain tumor. It was a very sad day, but an almost welcome ending to a painful illness.

If you haven't yet heard death, might I recommend that you do so immediately. I've converted many non-metalheads with the blissful sound of Death. My personal favorite album, Symbolic (1995) is a treat, but also feel free to check out Scream Bloody Gore (1987), Leprosy (1988), Spiritual Healing (1990), Human (1991), Fate (1992), Individual Thought Patterns (1993), The Sound Of Perseverance (1998), The Fragile Art Of Existence (1999), Live in L.A. (2001), Live in Eindhoven (2001).


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Hello, I see no answers so maybe I'll write a few words

I like Death's music maybe not can live without but I have much respect for Chuck's talent and himself. He had many fans in Poland so his death was the great loss for many people. Personally, I've known the band better after this sad event. I had known only Symbolic before. One can tells that bands become cult after their leaders death and unfortunately there's much truth in this statement...but what can I be sure is the fact that Schuldiner was really admired in Poland in his life and after his death, as well.
I'd like to add that I'm loving the project which has been founded in tribute to Chuck if I'm not mistaken - Control Denied. Nice work...People from Death plus the vocal so much different from Chuck's but because I generally like "heavy" vocals it does really suits me...


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When it's about '' Death'' it means , Spirit Crusher... i heard that he wrote that lyrics because of his sickness, i dont know if it's true.. Human at sight monster at heart! Great vocal!!! Chuck was so talented musician . To sing with that scream vocal and play solo guitar at the same time is so hard thing.


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Death is by far my most favorite Metal band.
Chuck has influenced my music on all levels!!

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Wow, Death...............

Man, one of my all time favorite.....

I love their "more technical" part-------- The Philosopher, Trapped in a Corner, Crystal Mountain, Spirit Crusher, Voice of the Soul..........