"Analysis" question (music as well as other artforms): Is there a general (possibly academic) term for "similarities between different works"?

When one finds a similar phrase, or line, shot, or structure etc. in 2 different works by 2 different creators, further research could reveal it to be any of the following:

-a specific case of this particular later work imitating the earlier work: could be subconscious, or if intentional then it can range anywhere from being a homage/allusion/reference, to influence/inspiration, to plagiarism or rip-off;

-if the later work includes lots of such imitations to various works, or is even entirely comprised of them, then it's a pastiche (or, a rip-off pastiche, or some sort of commentary/satire/parody/etc.);

-part of an (overseeable) chain of such references/etc. across several works - obviously, a sufficiently long and intertwined "chain of influences" eventually turns into:

-a widespread, common element / stylistic feature / trope with many other examples in lots of other works - of which you just happened to find only 2 examples with no particular relation to each other specifically;

-2 examples of a "common feature", however on top of that ALSO a specific reference/rip-off/etc. to the particular earlier example of that trope;

-various other scenarios, such as those involving concurrent works and their sometimes explained, and at other times mysterious mutual similarities and overlaps;

or, of course, it's possible that no further information ends up being found - for a long while, or at all; information about the artists' intent is missing, other similar examples haven't been found so far, etc.;
in such a case, speculations and attempts at explanations can arise, involving anything from coincidence within a limited set of permutations, to seemingly mystical synchronicity, and who knows what else.

Then of course, equivalents of all of those also exist for patterns found between different works of the *same* creator, as well as within a connected series/connection of works, and finally within one particular work itself (which then bleeds over into the categories of structure and analysis) - the transitions between all these different categories are blurry of course, for all the obvious reasons.

So currently I'm looking for any existing general terms (possibly from academia, or popular/online culture, or other such areas) that refer to:
1a) any type of similarity or pattern found, well, pretty much anywhere - between 2+ works by 2+ creators, within one creator's output, or within one work;
1b) only those between different creators;
1c) between or within works of the same creator
2a) a term that only refers to specific individual cases of imitation, but no longer applies to widespread tropes and patterns;
2b) again only those between different creators and properties;
2c) those within an author's output, or within a series, or individual work, episode, and whatnot.

So far, neither browsing around Wikipedia and its pages on homage/allusion/pastiche/etc., nor asking this question on a couple other places, have been successful, and I'm starting to wonder if such terms exist at all (and if they don't, that'd seem kinda inconvenient lol).

The immediate context I'm asking this question in, is that I'm currently planning to start adding numerous such findings to TVTropes (or more specifically, its fork allthetropes.org), mostly music/film examples, however I'd need to create new subpages for that (cause their standard "Shout Out" subpages only cover intentional references, and I've got various ambiguous cases with no further info) and am not quite sure what to call them:

"Similarities to Other Works" seems a bit clunky + can apply to general "tropes" as well; adding more descriptive words to it would make it even clunkier. "Parallels", "connections" sound hokey and wouldn't work either;
"Internal Patterns and Structure"? Meh, idk; "within a work", "within the creator's output" all sound too long and too clunky for page names - particularly within the context of that site's general style.

Some snappy, already established and widely used term, would probably be the best option, so that's why I was recently trying to find one (and obv haven't managed to).
The site's own forum doesn't seem to know either; maybe none exist, I'm not sure atm lol


Also, while AllTheTropes/TVTropes seem like great places for this kind of stuff, if there are any other/additional contributable online resources/sites with that type of analytic / pattern documenting content, that'd be great as well;
at one point I was kind of reasonably sure that at least one if not several such projects run by academics/universities/students already existed - in order to convert all the information found in books and papers into a more searchable, interactive medium, or something along those lines; however after asking around on a couple subreddits, no one seems to have heard of such a project (other than one with a very specific focus of organizing overlapping themes in art songs, that is).