Any music recommendations?


Does someone have some good bands for me to listen to? I like symphonic, gothic and powermetal, especially with melodic female vocals (no opera and grunting pls).
My fav bands are Within Temptation (love them so much❤) and Nightwish, so something in that style would be great! :)


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As a fellow fan of symphonic, gothic, and power metal with melodic female vocals, I definitely have some recommendations. If you love Within Temptation and Nightwish, try to check out Delain and Xandria. They all have a similar sound and style and feature powerful female vocals.

John Watt

As a musician I can only recommend my favorite albums, specific for instruments.
Solo piano: McCoy Tyner, "Naima", from "Echoes of a Friend".
Drums, bass with either flute or sax: Elvin Jones, "Agape Love".
I found these in the late 1960s and no other music has risen to their occasion.
I have one symphonic rock suggestion, "Gates of Delirium" by Yes, from "Relayer",
their only album with Patrick Moraz playing keyboards and producing.
I have to include King Crimson and their "Court of the Crimson King".
As far as female vocals, I could talk about Heart, but I'd lose it.