Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Bradbury...

Alex Tiuniaev

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Anyone into classic sci-fi here? I really like 2001, 2010 by Clarke (the last two books are a bit boring for my taste), Asimov's I, Robot and Bradbury's 451 Fahrenheit. Recently I've read Songs of Distant Earth. Doesn't stand up to Clarke's other works, but still... I also like Oldfield's musical interpretation of the book.

Frederik Magle

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I must admit I never actually read 2001 and 2010, though I've thought about it, but I do like the genre very much. I've read Fahrenheit 451 a couple of times and always liked it.

Staying with the musical connecton, I've got a little book called "Mozartarium" with quotes of - and about - W.A.Mozart from various people...
- I have been told that a young would-be composer wrote to Mozart, asking advice as to how to compose a symphony. Mozart responded that a symphony was a complex and demanding musical form, and that it would be better to start with something simpler.
The young man protested, "But Herr Mozart, you wrote symphonies when you were yonger than I am now."
And Mozart replied, "I never asked how."
That is my favorite Mozart story.
-Isaac Asimov.

A good friend of mine is a great Isaac Asimov "fan" so I've been wanting to read some Asimov for a long while now, but the time has kept me from doing so (he doesn't like forums, but perhaps this thread could interest him a little, if he was to be send an email with the URL, hint hint...

Btw, I believe the progressive rok album "I Robot" by Alan Parsons Project is based on the novel by Asimov


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The first book I completed in school (I hated reading) was Rendesvous With Rama by Clarke. He captured my attention that nobody else had done prior to reading that book. I started Return of Rama (I think that's what it was called), but some circumstances came abut and I never got a chance to finish it. Maybe now is actualkly a good time to go pick it up again, since I actually enjoy reading now.

I've never read any Asimov or Bradbury, but I'm a movie fanatic, so I'm somewhat familiar with their work.