Awakening Scream

Frederik Magle

Staff member
The release of the double-album "Like a Flame" draws closer, and I'm uploading yet another excerpt: Awakening for organ. The character of this music is dark, probably the darkest work on an album spanning a large range of emotions all the way from a darkened mind to overjoy and everything in between. The following excerpt starts out at the beginning of the buildup leading to what could be described as an awakening scream.
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Click here to download a large excerpt from "Awakening" (MP3)
(256 kbps MP3, 8.3 MB, 4:17 min.)

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•• Awakening (WAV, 45.5 MB) •• Awakening (FLAC, 16.1 MB) •• Awakening (Apple Lossless, 16.3 MB)

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The CD "Like a Flame" is recorded on a new pipe organ for which I've created the tonal design. You can download and listen to other excerpts from the upcoming album on this page about the new pipe organ.

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