Cæciliekoret (The Cecilia Choir) in Gentofte Cathedral

Frederik Magle

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On May 4th, 2004, The Cecilia Choir (Cæciliekoret) performed a concert in Gentofte Cathedral, Copenhagen, Denmark. I was asked to record the concert and I'm happy to announce that several of the works from the the live concert recording can be downloaded here as high-quality MP3 files:

Cæciliekoret (The Cecilia Choir)
Conductor: Gunnar Svensson

PROGRAMME (Click on the links below to download):

1. Easter Sequence (Gregorian) • 2.1 MB mp3

2. Gloria from "Missa Papae Marcelli" (G. P. Palestrina) • 5.9 MB mp3

3. Kyrie and Gloria from "Messe Solonnelle" (Jean Langlais) *

4. Hymn: Min Jesus Lad Mit Hjerte Få (Carl Nielsen) • 2.0 MB mp3

5. Sommersalme / Summer Hymn (Waldemar Åhlén)

6. Warum ist das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen (Johannes Brahms) • 9.2 MB mp3

7. Phønix (Frederik Magle) *
(to download and listen to "Phønix" click on this link)

7. Den Lyse Nat (Bjørn Hjelmborg)

8. Fred Hviler Over Land Og By (Niels La Cour)

9. Natten Er Så Stille (C. E. F. Weyse) • 1.2 MB mp3

10. Dona nobis pacem (Anonymous)

(* = Klaus Jerndorff, organ)


Copyright notice: The recordings of music available on this page are copyright © Cæciliekoret and Frederik Magle and may not be altered or redistributed in any way without express permission. You are allowed to link freely to this page. You are not allowed to link directly to the MP3 files (hotlinking) without clearly stating the copyright and linking to this page as well. The music has been made available for free download from this site with the consent of the copyright holders and in accordance with Danish and international copyright law.


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thanks for the mp3s - it's a nice and homogenous-sound the choir had in this concert...
how did it go in Ansgar, Nalia?
this Brahms piece is one of the better ones in the program... - and it's interesting how he concludes the whole with a bach-style chorale - the last minute or so of the recording...

Edit: any chance the other pieces will be available in mp3s? the Palestrina movement was also one of the better ones

Frederik Magle

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Added Palestrina's "Gloria" (from Missa Papae Marcelli)...

You're welcome, Corno.

I'm adding the Palestrina "Gloria". The rest of the music can not be downloaded here as it is still under composer's copyright protection.


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Re: Added Palestrina's "Gloria" (from Missa Papae Marcelli)...

That's a good admin

Thanks... I'll have a listen to it a bit later...
As to the others... oh well...