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Can GrandOrgue open .organ at startup?


New member
Is it possible to have GrandOrgue automatically open a preselected .organ file when it starts up? I.e. so you don't have to go to file/open or file/openrecent to choose a file?



New member
Assuming you're running windows, use your favorite text editor to create a .bat file with this single command:

drive:\path\to\grandorgue.exe drive:\path\to\file.organ

Add a shortcut to this .bat file on the desktop, and you can launch via double-click
Hope that helps


New member
If you associate .organ files with GrandOrgue.exe, then you can simply place a shortcut to the .organ file in your Windows Startup folder. That is how I autostart my VPO's!


Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
I just send a shortcut of , lets say, burea_church_AGO_ext.organ (with icon) to my desktop. I double click this in desktop level and I got Burea ready to play.
So, yes , just two clicks and you're ok.