Cecilie's Pure Voice Has Mesmerizing Quality To Go With Her Love Lyrics


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There is something about a singer with a high, pure voice that mesmerizes. Remember years ago the feeling the first time you heard the Sixties-Seventies folk-pop triumvirate Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Judy Collins? Or how about alt-pop’s Aimee Mann or country’s Faith Hill? Or how about Leigh Nash from Sixpence None The Richer (who could forget “Kiss Me”?)? Anyway, before I digress even further into the mists of the past, some of that same vocal magic is present in the voice of Cecilie (no last name) who has just put out her first album, titled Fearless. This lady is from Norway, but sings in English. She writes all her own music and lyrics, and she has a top home-country band backing her up. Due to the general softness of the sound, and to her lyrical content, she fits into the new age vocals category. But there is definitely enough pop music feel to her music to charm listeners of contemporary pop music (although less synth-keyboards and drum-pads than what we get so much of on pop radio these days). She has that lovely voice and lots of lyrics about love. This is definitely a good start for this new talent. There is even a bit of Celtic flavoring on a couple of tunes, and this might be an area she would be wise to explore even further. Or she might go even deeper and incorporate an array of world music sounds to help make each track a bit different from its predecessor when listening to the album as a whole straight-through. This is a very solid debut from this European songstress. Well worth finding and listening to.