Didn't know where to post it. If you read this. Salud! To Your patience!

Life is like a fleeting moment.
One minute you're mocking jading, next minute you hopping ratings
One of the best of the places what's next in these funky races, based on your birth your nerve and you hungry cravings, Pattersoning your lofty faces
Baseless cases moving to aces with tumbly faces exaggerated laces, tied to their feet secured to the bases no upward stages just cranky rages
Fleeting like the feeling off support systemed cages what's more than funny your being supported who paved your paths with roses well now your eyes are blindfolded to their passes that were golden wait hold em no why's this boastin roasted by mouthful of haters, caused by nasty majors, curled off the cribs and razors shooting the valve off the wall of fame and the curtain changes more like inverted flavors passin onto favors more like luckier savors, savoring the ugly shakers, moving with prettier blazers, blazing the house of cards off with the firehose when your feet just rose off the stinky shittier distinct in the show, more like cuckoo trying to be a crow, it's really same, so, I don't plan to demote my size inhuman and my feets a fleeting sanctomy of my broken back my folded legs my empty mind my endless nights, I fall apart everytime I cry with tearless eyes with no drops to fly and aim through my deceptive yet powerful cries of belief in my own self and my own release of dying right, through delightful times in arms of my fleeting nights, some give me a creepy vibe, but I'm a creep so I'll just sleep and I'll hold my mic to my retarded yet far bright and lightened by my disgraceful sights. Hoping my own is my next in fight. So I can just sleep while being punched in my gut and thighs wait hold up poked through my balls n eyes, is it way too dark for your feeble minds it's just a story that I tell, through the feelings I feel, it's just a journey into my existential being, it's just a answer I speak, to unsaid words I hear, it's just my words that flow through in my solitude it's just part of my music to be murdered by, it's part of you and I, said enough, I'll just try and be humble through my time, to be kind and be blind to the matters of faith, I'll not say anything even though, it's all just a wasteful play, all's just a house of lies made by hoomans who deeply desired the almighty power to bestow them with power more like white sheeps turning cowards well more like black sheeps turning into power, now that most of my head put through my bed, more like all my plans fucked in the back, more like all fleets up all my feets are bare, being like all these spelling all these topics goin through my head, yes, sometimes, I fall apart, down to my ground, didn't know it'll get this far, more like a wittier time, feeling this flow is all time low, more like my twisted rhymes, getting through and to your minds, feeling like no closure inside, like a fireball fight, like no closure in sight.