Eleven Rack or equivalent


New member
New member here. I'm not very savvy on stuff other than amps and guitars. I do know some about pedals. My question is i guess to most very simple. I had to sell my eleven rack for Christmas reasons, because im on social security and 65. My grandsons come first!!! So, what can i buy cheapestnew or used that has the feature of simple plugging my laptop into it, then plugging guitar chord into it and is pre amped . It must have left and right channels on back to plug into my JBL powered PA speaker with preferred XLR jacks, with the 1/4 jack capability too. I play music from laptop into this unit by usb port sending the music and my guitar through it too and it goes into my JBL Eon 615 PA. Now I don't want to spend $300 on another eleven rack, but just want the capability of using the same way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.