Ian Moore

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Originally, 'Empfindsamkeit' was the name given to an eighteenth century style of music which prompted the beginning of the transition from classical period to the Romantic. The word can be translated as 'sensitivity' and the music of this period shows an extra 'sensitivity', especially to Romantic ideals.

My work is not connected to any Romantic ideas. The title merely indicates the understanding that the music is meant to be more 'sensitive' (in terms of evoking the senses) than some of my music before it. It is closely linked to 'Adieu' musically and emotionally.



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First off, I am very impressed by the orchestration. Can you give some detail about the orchestration and recording process, please?

On a personal note, I kept waiting for the appearance of some form of melodic line. It never made (to my ears) it's presence known. THis left me feeling a bit unsatisfied. Perhaps my tastes are simply too naive to appreciate the free-form nature of this work. However, having said that, and this may sound odd, I think it was very well done. I see this thread is approx 1 1/2 years old. Are you still satisfied with the results?