Final video webcast from ALT - La Reina 7PM EDT -500 GMT


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[SIZE=-1]Join us [SIZE=-1]at 7PM EDT for our final webcast from the American Lyric Theater InsightALT Festival - a showcase of new works.

[SIZE=-1]Tonight's opera, La Reina, i[SIZE=-1]s [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
[/SIZE][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]a concert reading of a new opera in development at ALT.

[SIZE=-1]PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT HAS ADULT THEMES, LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE and is [SIZE=-1]recommended for mature audiences.
[SIZE=-1]live chat tech support provided - [SIZE=-1]use the blue button to the right of the video.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[/SIZE] Music by Jorge Sosa
Libretto by Laura Sosa Pedroza
Featuring: Audrey Babcock, Audrey Luna, Rosa Betancourt, Christopher Burchett, Dominic Armstrong, Javier Abreu, Tom McNichols, Joseph Beutel, John Matthew Meyers and Michael Zegarski; conducted by Andrew Bisantz.
Through the eyes of one of the most notorious drug queenpins in history, La Reina sheds light on the violent, real life events taking place in Mexico and the United States in the ongoing drug wars. The opera is being written in both Spanish and English, and features an electro-acoustic score.

Enjoy and feel free to pass around to anyone you think will be interested.