Galaxy X virtual instrument for sound design/scoring


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Hey everyone,

we're proud to announce our newest virtual instrument, the Galaxy X. It is the first virtual instrument that is not a sampled piano (we did the Galaxy Pianos and the Vintage D). Let me give you a quick overview of the Galaxy X:

• Galaxy X is a virtual instrument using FX Convolution (new synthesis form for an exciting kind of sound design)
• Three individual instrument types are included: X-Keys, X-FX and X-Loops (also sold separately as downloads)
• Intuitive user interface for easy editing and complex sound design
• 15GB of Source Sounds and over 1400 Convolution X-Files that alter the sound of the sources
• More than 1000 ready-to-play Instrument Layers (instant presets)
• Easy dynamic use of convolution using the Mod Wheel
• To be used for Score Music and all kinds of sound design (tv, film, games,…), as well as all modern styles of music production (electronic music, progressive, pop,…)

Have a look and listen:


We have uploaded the first batch of audio-demos and there are more to come pretty soon. We are working on video tutorials are well at the moment, but it will take some time until we can release them.

Here is the link to the audio-demos:

Have a look at our website if you're interested in what we are doing and feel free to ask me anything you’d like to know about the X.

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