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GO newbie problem #2 - MIDI goes to wrong manuals


New member
I just started using GrandOrgue, but I have never found a solution to this problem:

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I was under the impression that MIDI files for GrandOrgue (or Hauptwerk, for that matter) were supposed to be constructed so that MIDI track 1 is for Pedal, track2 for Great, track 3 for Swell, etc. I have a short organ piece I've been using for testing the sounds of different organs which has just 2 tracks: 1 for Pedal, and 2 for Great. However, it doesn't make any difference which organ I use: track 1 plays on the Swell (rather than Pedal), track 2 plays on the Great, and the Pedal doesn't play at all. On a 3-manual organ, track 1 still seems to be Swell (and perhaps Great, too, as the middle keyboard?), and track 2 might be Positive/Choir rather than Great. (It's hard to tell because it's sometimes difficult to tell which key outlines are matching the music.) In any case, the Pedal for sure is NOT playing.

This is quite frustrating. This MIDI issue also seems to be the area where I would like to see the greatest improvement in the User Manual. There seems to be very little information on setting up MIDI in GO (like, how about LOTS of examples!).

Help! And thanks in advance!

Harvey Hahn

P.S. I use test: GrandOrgue-


New member
The GO player is optimized for playing back GO midi recordings. Using the same sampleset for recording and playback, it preserves stop/swell/coupler/.. changes.
Playing back such MIDI files using a different sampleset will not work.

For other MIDI files, the internal GO MIDI player is quire limited:
channel 1 is the first manual defined in the ODF, channel 2 the second, ... After the manuals, the pedal follows as last manual. Please note, that the some ODFs define (often not really necessary) hidden manuals, so that the pedal has a much higher number.

A external MIDI player is much more flexible. GO offers quite flexible MIDI assignment tools for external MIDI sources.


New member
The fact that there is such an enormous amount of music in the world that it is impossible to know it all or collect it all. I am excited by what I don't know, it invigorates me and my passion for classical music to know that I have only heard a handful of pieces by Berio, none of Beethoven's late piano sonatas and nothing by Barraqué.

From what I know of your tastes in early music, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend some of Mozart's shorter liturgical works like Misericordias K222. Of course, I can't predict what you would like or wouldn't like, but I know that some people (like myself)
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