Greetings from the US (Wisconsin to be exact)...


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I am Jason, from Madison, WI. I'm as eclectic as any, a fan of metal, a fan of classical, and a little of everything in between. I've even been known to spend time jamming to jazz, blues, and many other genres, but my heart lies with the slightly older hardcore metal. I love bands like Slayer, Death, Pantera, etc. I'm really getting into what I call "hardcore groove metal" lately, like Corrosion of Conformity, but don't really know of any other groups that will compare. I will not however, tolerate hip-hop (includng rap), and country music. I never understood it, nor will I ever.

I wish to continue pursuing a better knowledge of classical music, which is perhaps what has drawn me here. As I type (here at the office), I have a collection called Masters of Classical Music that I wish to learn more about (and not just listen to), and understand better. I hope I can obtain some of that knowledge in discussion with many of you fine folks.

Well, it's been a fine experience so far. I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you better, and thanks for having me!

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Welcome Jason!

I hope you will find a lot of useful info about classical music (and other genre) and generally have a great time here




Welcome, your taste in music is similar to mine

I pretty much enjoy everything, Orchestral, Metal, and almost everything else there is but rap and hiphop is not really what i would prefer. Dont really have much experience from Country but from what i've heard its not really my type of music either.

But my favorite type of music of all is Orchestral music and Movie Scores. Hans Zimmer is one of my alltime favorite composers. But i cant settle with just one favorite, there is so much much more awesome stuff out there. So i mostly listen to what i enjoy most.


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Hi Jason,

I hope you'll have a nice time here, I can see you're already nicely settled.

As this forum is driven by the interest of the users you are more than welcome to help the rest of us in understanding your prefered kind of music - it goes both ways.