Hidden Dragon


not yet. can't find a legal mp3. but will go get the soundtracks from the local video store or music shop and let you know what i think.later.


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Chinese movie soundtrack is very interesting!
More if you could buy"The warrior of heaven and earth"


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I haven't heard the soundtrack to these movies, or seen them for that matter... but I'm interested in what you find to be good in them? - could you please elaborate on that? - it's nice to know that they are good, and in a moment of "broadening my horizon-inspiration" I might be wanting to buy something just because someone says it's "good"... but this time I'd really like to know a little more about it before I venture out in a purchase


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talking about asian soundtracks... Check out the soundtrak for the japanese cyberpunk movie Ghost in the Shell. Very beautiful and well composed. Can stand alone, and it is a geniuine touch to the movie, that also is one of the best cartoon animations ever made..


That's really a very fantastic movie, isn't it?
Johnny, I really appreciate your taste!!
Gao Lifang. Hope you can recognize it.


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Happy to have you on the net! Kanghui!
Well, these two film music are really nice one!
I will post some music on, next time!