I need my " A.T.M "!!!


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Sometimes when I'm in a foreign land, I just need to find a 7-11 or an ATM to feel secure, no kidding, it's really important hahaha... have you ever felt the same?

>>> https://soundcloud.com/user-54415704%2Fatm

It makes me kinda feel, that I need some dollar bills to live the life so chill
And my mama told me that's real
No need to stress me out when I'm so strict to myself, somebody knows somehow
Oh diamonds won't bring me down

Not just a machine, you know what it means
Somewhere between paradise and fantasy
Count it baby, there're some dimes in my pocket
Pull out my card, there ain't no boundaries, yeah yeah yeah

Withdraw the money everywhere, as long as I got my A.T.M
Feel so damn secure, got cash in my hands, I need it, precious A.T.M

On my knees I touch the ground, guess you'd come and help me out
As you live this life downtown, grab my hand and shout it out loud
That's very nice of you, got multiple functions now, somebody knows somehow
I ain't never treating you wrong

Automated teller machine, automated teller machine, automated teller machine(x3)