I need to know the name of an opera song!!


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Hey guys. I'm new to the boards. I'm going to try my best to describe this song. I was never a big fan of opera. I might sound stupid so take it easy on the newbie all right
. It's dark theme. It starts of slow..Naaaa naaaa naaaa naaaaaaa......Naaaa naaaa naaaa naaaaaaaaa.......Naaa naa naa naa naa naa naa naaaaaaaaaaa...(silence)...then it just explodes with awesome gothic, dark, hellish beats vocals. I never likes opera but after hearing this theme I'm hooked. Now this opera theme was played during some Lord of the Ring Premiere (it's not a LOTR theme however). I would have to say it's popular and been around for some 7 years I guess. I hope there are some WWF wrestling fans here. This opera theme was used for Kane's commercial and the Wrestlemania 14 Undertaker/Kane fued. This is all I know of the song. I hope somebody will be able find out the name of this song. Thanks!
What about Carmina Burana? I mean its pretty much the same song except i believe Carmina Burana is longer, right? I may be wrong though


O Fortuna is the well-known/memorable theme at the beginning and end of Carmina Burana. Don`t think Carmina Burana is an actual opera though- more a collection of songs. It`s a pretty old work too (relatively speaking).



Corno- Just to clarify, I said this:
It`s a pretty old work too (relatively speaking)

because dogg420 said in his post:
I would have to say it's popular and been around for some 7 years I guess.
So the music is old relative to what he said, as well as the text being old relative to the music.

FrederikS.- I agree, and woohoo!


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My father had a copy of the Carmina Burana with Carl Orff conducting. The whole thing is completely insane but great fun. I have a copy set with rock instruments - guitars, drums, bass and keyboards made by Ray Manzarek of the Doors. My Dad loved that too.

Carmina Burana is officially a Cantata, which is a series of songs set to music. It is not an opera in itself but it is pretty operatic.