International Humor?


Gareth's question and the responses regarding the worst humor got me to thinking, who would you put forward as an international humorist if any one?

While musicians and movie stars and directors appear to have some interest in what folks do in other countries, it seems comedians are mainly rooted in their home country.

How about Victor Borge as an international comedian?


Commodore de Cavaille-Coll
Ah yes,

Victor Borge - a real class act. What a musician and what a humourist!

To combine with panache and style the language of music and the language of humor - that's a gift that few people have.

Maybe international humour can only be acheived by everyone else when a world language can be spoken and understood by everybody and I don't mean English. Take for example Hangul, spoken by the Koreans, developed by King Sejong and his scholars to rectify the illiteracy of the Korean commoner. It is a language built on *scientific* principles and is easy to learn.

Then there is Esperanto which sadly seems to have lost out but still holds promise. But, It must be acknowledged that a political judgement has to be made by all countries if there is going to be any *world language*. There is the matter of national pride which every country has in regards to it's own language, nothing wrong with that per se, but it poses an impediment to acheiving a *world language*. English is, by default, the lingua franca of business. It would be a massive undertaking to adopt another language as the medium of international trade.