Irish flute

Frederik Magle

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A wonderful instrument! I don't have an (Irish) cromatic flute, but I do have a fine Irish "pennywhistle" in D. It's easy to play, but hard to play well (as with so many things in life...). I've used it on several of my "in-house" productions, such as Far Away which you can download here. You can hear the flute starting at 4:26 (but it's only a very short passage, I've used it more extensively in other pieces).

When I have time (unfortunately rarely these days
) I practise on the instrument, and I plan on buying some more (advanced) Irish flutes in the future. The one I've got now, was a Christmas-present from my sister, brought home from Ireland. Best present ever!

Here is a website dedicated to the Irish flute.


That's a very interesting link on the 'irish flute'.Commodore Pamadu has an old Db Wooden Flute and also an 'Artley Concert Silver' one.both 'Boehm' system keying.must give these a go.we do make 'bamboo' flutes here in Australia,and there is a guy (Terry McGee) in Canberra who makes irish flutes.soooooooooooo will have a go.he is mentioned in link. lol
regards Jamie.
p.s. about all i can play apart from organ/piano in that line is all the recorders.have a sopranino/descant/treble/tenor/bass. the first 3 are all 'open' but the tenor and bass have a few keys.