Is Gibson sick ?


I just came back watching APOCALYPTO -

Mel Gibson is truely a gifted filmmaker, but also racist and sick! the ultimate objective of making this movie is not just to highlight what went wrong with the Mayans, but as to how the 'foreign' missionaries came to their aid in making them civilized from a decadent, barbaric culture - the last scene in the movie seems to be illustrate this!

I wonder if Gibson would dare make a movie on Spanish inquisition and show how the aztecs (and others)were brutally savaged into accepting Christianity!

It is not surprising that the same reasons that appear to have contributed to the decline of the Mayans seem to be contributing to the decline of the modern Western civilization - a brief glimpse at the chaos that is most of Europe (after the USSR broke up) and the hatred/animosity spewn by the avarice of a few countries in quest for power and oil, seem to indicate so

let Gibson make a pseudo-secular movie devoid of his catholic leanings and not pandering to his inner voice from his own vision of Paradise/ Kingdom of Heaven