Less well known Jazz Musicians


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John, your video triggered a story.
I met up with Tony Scott back in the late eighties at a Jazz Festival. We sorta met up every day and had a drink and talk. He was quite a great guy.
I had copy of a magazine manuscript he had transcribed for Metronome way back in the late 50's of the famous Charlie Parker alto break on 'Night In Tunisia'.
He asked me to make a copy for him as he had forgotten about it and he also asked me to record a track he had made on a record and had lost.
Later,he was asked to get together a group (big name guys that we all know) to play a jazz set for a midnight radio station, but he asked if he could use my name instead of his own for some reason unknown! I said "yeah! Why not! Fame at last!" So I was famous for about twenty minutes on radio and never played a note!!

One week later the phone rang, it was Tony. "Hey Stu! That recording you made of that track I wanted, can you record it again? I went and recorded over it! And, can you re-copy that transcription? I lost it!


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Hi Gord, Oliver Jones. I saw him at a jazz festival once---in the Scottish highlands---playing with his trio ---in a large castle!!! Great stuff!


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Actually lots of Jazz players were underestimated in their times and even today. Here is some sort list right from the head:
Johnny Griffin
Shirley Scott
Woody Shaw
Abbey Lincoln
Blossom Dearie
Earl Hines