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Make a Hauptwerk 4 CODM in minutes - Easy, Quick & Fun - New


New member
You can make your own organs for HW4, including the free version,
in no time and effort.
Almost nothing to learn, almost as easy as writing a list of stops.
Of course you must have stops to build your organs.
There is a free trial version:
If you have fun with it, please post your comments.

Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
Hi KreaWave,
Thanks for this, I will now go and get the free trial to see what's goin'on :)
Customizing was always a PITA with HW, even with Jean-Paul's great helping software (MYCO ect)

Though to be honest, after all those new incredible functions of GrandOrgue 0306, I believe more people will come to abandon HW, mostly the free version users, as there are no limits and forbidden areas , except the ones by individual OS power.

I'll try to feedback asap !

Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
Glad to see LOM organ's again in the field ! :)
(still got Mystic Organ's MoOdfCreator)

Easy CODM worked OK, though has not some features to be able to chose background image ect
But it creates a custom set like a lightning (provided we did our homework on text file)

Nice :)
Great help to produce a 10stop organ fast (free version >> THANKS)
HW4 opened it OK with no warnings at all.
and I believe it will act like this in Full version.

Cannot load HBW format samples though, from free HW sets which play with them (no dongle needed).
For example Jorgensen wet.
Is there a way to do this with EasyCODM ?



New member
Thanks for trying the program, Ghekorg7.
I have tried HBW stops and it works for me on the free version of HW4. If some stop don't work, it may not due to EasyCODM.
This program seems to be of no real interest, out of curiosity.
Myself, I can't go without it, since I build large organs from scratch and all is trial and error for me. Many times a day I need to modify the
organ or make small ones for testing certain stops.
Once the basic CODM is made, you can change whatever you want to it, like bacground images. The idea is you then start with a working thing, and you can add little by little.
The whole idea was to limit the user involvment to a minimum.
Best of all, Yves

Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
Hi Yves :)

Thanks for HBW info. I'll try again, possibly something I set wrong, or choose the wrong hbw files :-D
Indeed this baby creates small sets in a flash and I also like to split large organs into smaller, testing stops and even stops from different sets too.

In fact I'm very familliar with jOrgan and GrandOrgue coding (see my offered sets) and though I know HW very well I didn't went too far with CODM and learn how to alter things. It's too much information for my head at the time being :)
So a progeam like EasyCODM is a real help.

Interest from people ?
Hmmmm It seems to me that the main bulk of HW users want the sets ready and with many goodies (they have to pay high prices for...)
Also the "wanna experiment" kind of users go for GrandOrgue and jOrgan. But even with these , how many really do custom sets?

Speaking of GrandOrgue, v0306 is a killer machine with many super features.
Do you consider updating MoOdf creator to v2.00 for use with GO 0306 ?



New member
Hello: I have tried to download the trial version of easyCODM for HW but the site requires a login username and password. Do you know where this software can be found or purchased. I've been looking for a while now. Thank you very much, Mark Williams

Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
Confirm as Mark says.... no free download anymore (?)
Also no contact or Buy information/links on this site, just a pop-up advertisement (thin , on top)

Any ideas Yves?

Mark, possibly I can help you with my copy. PM ;-)


New member
I would also really like to try EasyCODM. I'm looking to add a few ranks to a purchased organ (with hbw files), so MYCO is of no use. I'm thrilled with HW and happy I paid for the unbelievable Schnitger Cappel organ, but tweeking is all the fun of having a digital organ! If Yves is updating the software then I'll wait for the new release, but if not, maybe I could get a copy from Panos?



Ghekorg7 (Ret)

Rear Admiral Appassionata (Ret)
Hi Dale,

As I wrote for Mark, I can share my copy for you too (PM) , but I need confirmation from Yves first... no?

Also I didn't make it to use HBW files..... hmmm (Groton set), but maybe my mistake on settings... I didn't return to it to check, as I have many projects running in Parallel....

Another thing is that maybe is there an issue using HBW files with a free (10 stop limit) app from Milan digital? Dunno....



New member
If you want to unlock EasyCODM, simply rename the folder with an icon.
The old name is: EasyCODM_Free.
Rename it to EastCODM.
Feel free to distribute this program as you wish.

Luis Enrique

New member
more people will come to abandon HW, mostly the free version users...

I seriously doubt it. HW, mainly in its Advanced Edition is very powefull.


New member

I would like to try easyCODM to expand and change organs with free stuff from Sonus Paradisi.
Has someone a copy of easyCODM or knows somebody where to get it?

Kind regards,


New member
I'm also interested in trying. I have the pdf of how to compile manually but dont understand how it work