Mozart's big mass in C minor / Analysis


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Why am I so fascinated by the Mozart's big mass in C minor ?
Probably because it is a perfect synthesis between classical harmony and baroque counterpoint. Then probably because we discover the real Mozart, the deep musician, far away from this "galant" style so often evocated by musicologs. And we discover the huge "Kyrie" as an impressive monument or the terribly dramatic "qui tollis". Beside, we recognize Mozart's melodic talent through aerian and light pieces such as the "laudamus te", all written in arabesques and ornaments.
For those of you interested in this masterwork, I have made a music analysis of the piece here by considering the different elements of the composition : the period, the structure, the orchestra, the themes, the rhythm, the harmony etc.. and a small glossary for beginners.

Hopefully useful..:)
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