My Desktop!


I downloaded a free Windows Vista theme off the internet to make my desktop look like the new and upcoming Windows Vista desktop. I personally love how it looks... so clean and stylish... Tell me what you think!


Hmm... it doesn't appear the image is showing up.. I hate trying to format images in forums! Oh well, here is the link anyway.

Rune Vejby

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Yeah I like that look too, but also it seems like they have borrowed some of the desgins from Apple??? I see a resemblance between your screenshot and the Tiger software from apple... Am I the only one??


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Seriously ? thats how Windows Vista looks ?

Not just borrowed from Apple but rip off of Apple more like !

Nice background.


Yes I did notice the Apple roots, which I find appealing. Although I have never owned an Apple, I am assuming that the top bar with the large icons is used in the Apple OS?

I've always considered buying an Apple, however with the lack of support for good games, I can really never find a good incentive...