New user - from DENMARK !!! ;-)

Rune Vejby

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Hello all,

I am very pleased to have joined this forum, which I have been studying with great interest over the last few months. And now, well, I want to take part in the exciting discussions... :)

I'm very excited to have found this forum as it is, apparently, one of the only forums with focus on classical music in particular.

So Frederik, thanks alot for taking the time to create and maintain this forum - it is very much appreciated!!

A bit about myself:

I am 20 years old - born and raised in Copenhagen :) I started playing the piano at around age 5 and began taking lessons that same year. From the beginning I was concentrating more or less solely on playing classical as I found it the most beautiful kind of music available...
I continued studying with the same teacher for 10 years or so, and in that period i performed at concerts several times. Then I got a new teacher and started focusing more on composing my own music...
Today I am using almost all of my spare time by the piano. I have recently composed a CD with 8 piano pieces which hopefully will be released soon (the "mastering" of the CD is going on at this very moment)...

I am 100% impressionist and Debussy is my role model :)

Anyway, it is nice to be part of the community here, and I hope to be able to share my knowledge and hopefully also gain some new myself

Also trying to make new friends within classical composition. You are welcome to contact me through Messenger if you desire: [email protected]

Thank you all,


Frederik Magle

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Hi and Welcome Rune!

Thanks for the kind words about this forum. I appreciate them very much!

I'm glad you decided to join! I'll be looking much forward to seeing you around and taking part in the discussions. And don't forget to show us some of your own music in the "Music & Web SItes Reviews Forum"
(you have access to posting in there when you have made 5 posts).

Best Regards


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Hi Rune,

Like the others - welcome to the site.
I look forward to hearing more from you and your endeavours.