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Hailing from Scotland, PREACHER have released their debut album ‘Signals’ full of imaginative songs. The atmosphere on this CD is a bit mysterious, fairly relaxed, yet sometimes bursting out in livelier tempos. Generally speaking, the music moves towards attractive melodies to capture the extraterrestrial deepness. It's awesome stuff, where hypnotic guitars took center stage. Greg Murphy demonstrates the soloing style akin David Gilmour, but from a bluesy pad. Inventive keyboards are in the spotlights too. Very special mention goes to Martin Murphy. His voice sounds like a cross between David Bowie and Joe Cocker. The overall vibe has a strong echo of Pink Floyd, though this influence is rolled up into one big ball and played the original way. Indeed, difficult not to get pulled into the fantastic world that Preacher creates. Excellent album!..:cool: While the group comprises Martin Murphy (lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitar), Arnold Burgoyne (synthesizers, keyboards) and Greg Murphy (lead guitar), the line-up was completed by five assistants to contribute bass, drums and backing vocals. Respectively: Larry Primrose, Iain Duncan, Angela Bell, Kerry McWhinnie and Herbourg Hanson. They put their own stamp on proceedings. :)

If the high quality of ‘Signals’ will be maintained and expanded upon then Preacher should gather more enthusiasts…

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